ITU Games Prototyping 2017

My first semester at ITU we had 1 out of 4 subjects that was all about making game prototypes. The 8 games we made in that time are all uploaded here. Most of them were made in just one week (With 3 other subjects), so I am proud of what we managed to make in that short window of time. My teacher seemed to be satisfied too, as I got top grades :D

Week 45-47 - Zinder

A group of scientists are convinced that being a zombie is the next step in evolution. Bring gifts to your one true zombie love, to get the kiss of zombification. The last to get together with their zombie becomes dinner!


Week 43-44 - Indy Chaplin

Indy Chaplin is all about going up! Use your grapple gun to escape the rising lava.

Indy Chaplin

Week 41 - Gravity Matters

Gravity Matters is a one button game, where you control gravity to traverse difficult levels.

Gravity Matters

Week 40 - Rob & Run

Rob and Run is all about just that, rob and run!

Rob and Run

Week 39 - Saving Animals

Saving Animals is all about saving animals! There's a disease on the farm, and you gotta protect your beloved farm animals! This game was specifically developed to invoke one emotion in the player. Can you guess which?

Saving Animals

Week 37-38 - Ultimate Pong

Ultimate Pong is a 2 player game, much like the original Pong, except with abilities! The ball can be pushed, adding more speed, and each player has 2 unique abilities to use.

Ultimate Pong

Week 36 - Mirrored

Mirrored is a 2 player game, where the goal is to outlast the other player, by avoiding the obstacles on the course and quickly realigning your brain to the shifting camera angles


Week 35 - Stinky Ball

Stinky Ball is a game about making sure that the stinky ball is on your opponents side of the play area, and working together about covering the most ground, while manually changing the timer whenever the ball changes side

Stinky Ball