Welcome to my website!
This will have all the recent game related things I have made. I am currently spending most of my time on projects at ITU, so that will be my focus for now. You can check out everything I've done by navigating to the different pages at the top, or check out my personal favourites below:

Factorio mod
Vehicle Turrets

My pride and joy. If you play Factorio, you should definitely try this out. I made the mod to fix an issue the game had, with the most powerful tactic being really boring to perform. So I made vehicle turrets to give an alternative tactic that is a lot more fun and still balanced to fit the vanilla game


Traces is an open-world exploration game for mobile, focused on the experience of diverse player movement. Use your shield to slide, surf and glide. I worked on this game as a level designer for 6 weeks, together with 14 other students through the DADIU programme. We had a ton of challenges while creating this, but we got an interesting game out in the end. It was more of an exercise in working together with people from widely different backgrounds than anything else, but I feel that will be a big boon for me in the future

Gravity Matters
Gravity Matters

Gravity Matters is a one button game, where you control gravity to traverse difficult levels. I really like how this game turned out. Make sure to go to level select and select level 2. The other levels have some issues that make them feel really bad, so I recommend you just try out the level I made, which is level 2.

Week 43-44 - Indy Chaplin
Indy Chaplin

Indy Chaplin is a simple game about getting as far up as possible by using a grapple gun. It's super simple and could definitely use some more work, but it's enjoyable to try to beat your highscore. Mine is 350 :3