The goal is to get as far up as possible.


Move with A and D, jump with spacebar and hold down the left mouse button to use the grapplegun, release to let go.

Detailed Explanation

The lava will rise, increasing in speed until reaching it's maximum speed, which is tough to outrun. The magma chickens are mostly decorative, but they can push you off a platform if you're not careful! The level is procedurally generated, so will be slightly different every time.

My Thoughts

I really like this game. It could use a lot more work though, but I think it has potential. We thought of several ways to make the walls more dangerous, so you can't just keep using the gun on the wall, but we did not have time for that, so instead the lava rise speed is increased to make it more difficult. The magma chickens could be more dangerous, but with the current way the game works, and how fast you have to ascend, it's not possible to wait 2ish seconds for a chicken to walk away, so we had to keep the consequence of hitting one low.