The goal is to survive longer than your opponent, by avoiding the obstacles.


The red player controls with the up and down arrow. Green player controls with W and S.

Detailed Explanation

The obstacle course is mirrored, meaning that the challenge is equal for both players. If a player hits an obstacle, the corresponding obstacle is removed on both sides of the course, giving the player who is behind an advantage. The obstacles spawn more frequently and with smaller gaps the longer the game goes on. The camera angle will occasionally shift, confusing the players, as the controls do not change with the camera.

My Thoughts

This game has a serious issue with potentially going on forever if the players are good enough, and it does not take many tries before you can manage that. The problem with how the difficulty increases right now, is that the difficulty is capped at a point, where making it more difficult would just make some obstacles impossible to pass. I foresaw this when brainstorming features for the game, and suggested 2 ways of dealing with it. The first one was to let each mistake be permanent, by not allowing the players to move forward, effectively giving them a set of 'lives', shown visually by getting pushed closer to the laser. The second option, which I like the most, is making the game speed up consistently, both the movement of the obstacles and the movement of the player. That way it would never become impossible avoid the obstacles, it would only get harder and more intense as the game goes on. My group did not heed my warnings though, and the issue got realized.