The goal is to steal as much as possible, then escape the police and steal some more!


In loop 1, you move with WASD and steal with ctrl or left mouse button. In loop 2 you jump to avoid obstacles with W.

Detailed Explanation

In loop 1, you are presented with a room full of treasure. More than you can pick up in the alotted time, which means you want to focus on the most valuable items, but also not move too far for each item to steal. In loop 2 you are running from the police (pretend there's an animation). The police officer is a visual representation of how well you're doing, adding intensity to the escape. If he catches you, you lose. If he falls too far behind, you escape.

My Thoughts

I think this is a small cute game. I was responsible for doing all the code for loop 2. It could use some more features though. Originally we had planned a third loop, where you sneak by the police to get into the next room to steal from. That loop was cut due to time constraints. I would personally have loved to add an upgrade system, where you could use your stolen money. You could focus the upgrades on the loop that you have the biggest issues with. This addition would require increasing difficulty throughout the game though, to make the upgrades seem worth it, instead of just trivializing the game.