The goal is to hit the ball behind the opponents bat, while not allowing the ball to pass your bat. Make clever use of your unique abilities to outplay your opponent!


Blue Player controls using W and S for moving up and down. A and D are used for pushing. Q uses the ability "Swap", which swaps the position of the 2 bats (can only be used when the ball is on the opponents side of the play area). E activates the "Sprint" ability, letting the bat move faster for a short while.

Red Player controls using I and K for moving up and down. J and L are used for pushing. U uses the ability "Power Push", which does a strong push with a wind up. O activates the "Stretch" ability, making the bat longer for a short while.

Detailed Explanation

The ball moves slightly faster every time it is pushed, but has a capped speed. Each ability in the game has a cooldown. Hitting the ball closer to the edge of the bat, will angle the ball in that direction.

My Thoughts

This game is currently really unbalanced, as we did not have much time to test for balance, nor did we have time to implement as many abilities as we wanted. The idea is that there is a selection of 10+ abilities, and then the players take turns choosing an ability. That kind of draft system would create some interesting counter play by picking abilities that can counter your opponent. We wanted to have a visual representation of the remaining cooldown of abilities, but that was cut too, due to time constraints.

I personally love this idea for a game. I have had it for a long time, but never got around to actually trying it out. I think the game needs a lot of tweaking to be good, but I think it has great potential. I will look into making a version by myself in the future.