The goal is to have your zombie fall in love with you fast, to avoid becoming dinner!


The game is made for controllers. Use the analog sticks to move over lootboxes that contain random items, then either give it to your zombie, or trade with other players, by putting the item down in front of you by using the shown buttons in the UI.

Detailed Explanation

Each zombie has it's own personality and type of items that it wants. Figure out what your zombie wants, by looking at it's reactions. Give your zombie an item it does not want, and it will stun you!

My Thoughts

I absolutely love the theme, and I am very happy my group decided to go with my idea of a game about becoming a zombie. It's a fun game, but it lacks some more ways and incentives to have player interaction. A slap or something similar would be nice, to stun and make a player drop her items, to give counter play to a player holding on to items the she does not need.